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News Gobernación de Norte de Santander


'We set out to join the metropolitan area of Cúcuta and Villa del Rosario do more productive': Governor William Villamizar

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By: Oscar Rene corner Castle, Wednesday 28 December

Among the purposes of the Governor of North of Santander, William Villamizar Laguado, in 2016, was joining the Department, through the provinces and the metropolitan area of Cúcuta around combined with entrepreneurs work, civil society, the Academy, the mayors, the Assembly and the community in general.

And in his most recent institutional visit to Villa del Rosario, the President showed more than that achieved the goal, thanks to the Development Plan "A North production for all", through the institutional presence here in providing solutions and services to the people in most need of the region.

The President of the North Santander gave technical support to older adults, endowment of chairs and tables for the associations of women and sports kits to be delivered in January, so the Presidents of Community action boards and mayors masifiquen sport in the municipality.

Older adults also received nutritional supplements, packages with elements,walkers, canes, dentures, among other assistance.

At the meeting, developed in the educational institution Manuel Antonio Rueda, Villamizar Laguado highlighted the approval of investment for the Metropolitan aqueduct, which will benefit more than one million 200 thousand inhabitants in the metropolitan area. "And not only in the next few years. they will have drinking water up tothe year 2045 with this project,"said the Governor.

He also announced more police presence to deal with crime, drug abuse and the exploitation of children and young people from the border.

There he announced the restoration of the House of culture with a contribution of the Government $600 million, the settlement of La Bagatela, covers for some sporting arenas, including one for the neighborhood El Paramo, the arrangement ofstreets, sports centres and the projection for the construction of a headquarters of the SEINE, among other works.

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