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Red de Macroprocesos


Lead the harmonious development of the territory Nortesantandereano by the management, promoting the committed participation of all actors of society based on the principles of fairness, transparency and sustainability.

SOURCE: Ministry of planning-team of quality and improvement continued.


In the year 2021 the governorate of North of Santander will be the institution model in management public territorial for them departments of border, integrated by a team human highly qualified and committed with the quality in the performance of their activities and the provision of services to the community.

SOURCE: Ministry of planning-team of quality and improvement continued.

In the governorate of North of Santander plan and execute the development comprehensive and sustainable of the Department, providing services timely and in harmony environmental, with talent human competent, processes effective, efficient and effective, and criteria of transparency and equity; permanently ensuring the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the community, committed to continuous improvement at all levels in search of a suitable risk management consistent with the essential State purposes.


Ensure the implementation of actions that ensure the satisfaction of citizens permanently.

Ensure that there is the environment and them conditions of work necessary in all dependencies that allow the welfare and the achievement of those objectives from them servers public.

Ensure the competence of the personnel that affects the quality of the services provided to the community.

Ensure the achievement and administration efficient and transparent of the resources necessary to run the plan of development departmental.

Ensure permanently to the community it accessibility, opportunity and reliability of the information generated by the different dependencies of the entity.

To ensure uniform action of the Central Administration in the performance of their functions, activities and responsibilities, apply the following principles of organization:

Specificity: Each of the dependencies of the Central Administration is due to a programmatic distribution of functions and responsibilities, which corresponds to ensurethe management of processes that you properly identify and achieve certain resultsand achievements.

Horizontality: The administrative structure is flat, so that is carried out activities andthe assimilation of the tasks on the basis of leadership and not vertical and formal authority.

Flexibility: Determining organizational units that grouped a set of competencies andprocesses, so that they can meet the varied and different situations in the provisionof services and public interventions with versatility and agility.

Distribution of authority and responsibility: bearing in mind the principle of horizontality, in which structures maintain minimum hierarchical levels, the principle of authority and responsibility will be distributed and delegated through administrative acts and the establishment of specific to functions taking decisions and the fulfilment of the objectives.

SOURCE: DECREE No 000536 2004.

Responsibility: We assume our duties and obligations, recognizing and accepting the consequences of an act done or omitted in the provision of the service.

Solidarity: Work as a team and contributing to our skills and competences to the benefit of the entity, partners and the community.

Honesty: We guarantee transparent management and the efficient use of resources human, physical, technical and financial, available to ennoble the provision of the service.

Respect: We act in living healthy and peaceful, recognizing the fundamental rights of persons.

Transparency: We provide timely access to the public information, without restrictions.

Tolerance: We accept and respect their individuality and their difference, people even when they are contrary to ours, tending for a peaceful coexistence.

Justice: We recognize the equal rights that every person has, acting with fairness to give equal chance to access our entity, without any distinction.

Loyalty: We assume commitments with fidelity, confidence and sense of belonging by our institution.

Humility: We have awareness of what we are, our strengths and weaknesses as human beings. "So humble that is large and publicly acknowledge their mistakes".

Caution: Think before you speak or act and do so with caution, achieving balance in each one of our acts in the service of the community.


According to the Decree 1222 of 1986; the functions of the North Santander Department are as follows:

Participate in the preparation of the national plans and programmes for economic and social development and public works and coordinate the execution of them. The National Planning Department will quote to the Governors, the Mayor of Bogotá and the mayors and Commissioners to discuss with them the reports and regional analyses that prepare the respective sectional planning boards. These reports and analysis must be taken into account for the elaboration of plans and development programmes referred to in articles 76 and 118 of the Constitution.

Responsibilities and provide national services, or coordinate their compliance and benefit, in conditions that provide for delegations received and contracts or agreements that held for the effect.

Promote and implement, in compliance with the respective plans and national programmes and departmental economic activities that interest to their development and to the well-being of its inhabitants.

Provide administrative assistance, technical and financial to the municipalities, promoting their development and exercise guardianship laws brought attention on them.

Cooperate with the competent authorities in the execution of the tasks necessary for the preservation of the environment and arrange what require the adequate preservation of natural resources.

Meet other administrative functions and services pointing them to the Constitution and the laws.

ARTICLE 6 - departments will have independence for the Administration giving them sectional Affairs, with the limitations referred to in the Constitution, and shall serve on municipalities in the administrative supervision required to plan and coordinate regional and local development and the provision of services, under the laws designated (ARTICLE 182, inc. 1 C.P.).

Norte de Santander 2012-2015 Development Plan "A North Pa´lante", is an instrument of planning that is presented as a Plan of Territorial Development, which to be entered into by all sectors of the society significant becomes guide not only departmental government but citizens in general over the next four years, with the purpose of achieving development results referred to in the forward-looking Vision 2021.

The Plan includes commitments that were purchased from the Government program of the same name, so citizenship check compliance with them. The Plan is structured in four axes or dimensions of development:

Hub for Social Development:


Objective: Move towards the universal provision of social and public services with quality, frequency, timeliness and fair costs, guaranteeing the access of the most vulnerable to these, especially children, girls and adolescents, and defenceless populations as victims or people with disabilities, improving the quality of life and reducing the inequalities that are present in the territory.

Axis for economic development:


Objective: Move towards a regional economy that counteract the negative effects of the political decisions taken by the central Governments of Colombia and Venezuela, placing the Department in the context of national and international products and competitive services, in a public-private agreement - community, having as support connectivity, science, technology and innovation.

Shaft for Territorial Development:


Objective: Progress in environmental management processes that ensure the preservation of natural resources and their use by future generations, from a land use that harmonizing the various interests of those who occupy and use the territory towards a sustainable development that ensures the availability of environmental goods and services.

Administrative hub:


Objective: To strengthen the processes of planning and governance for the decision-making process in the territory, seeking to be more agile and efficient and reflects the participation of all social actors.

Organizational structure