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Secretariat of Traffic

The Secretary's profile

Diomar Alonso Velásquez Bastos 



  • Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander
  • Certified public accountant.
  • Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga
  • Specialization in business management
  • Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander
  • Specialization in finance
  • Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander
  • Specialization in tax audit
Secretario de tránsito






  • Treasurer General of the Department Norte de Santander

    Reviewer Attorney - Chamber of Commerce

    Sub Secretary of education - Cucuta

    Deputy Director administrative and financial - CORPONOR

    Jefe de Control Interno - CORPONOR

    Coordinator financial of the Metropolitan Area of Cúcuta

    Coordinator financial EPS UNIMEC S.A.

    University professional Treasury General municipality of Cúcuta.


Information from the Secretariat

The Secretariat's departmental transit is the dependence of the Government commissioned to publicize the provisions of the national code of traffic; Likewise; It is responsible for regulation, control and operation of transit and land transport public and private Department, and the agile and efficient mobility of users on different routes.
  1. Ensure quality in the implementation of the traffic code, law 769/2002 in which this delegated to regional or local authorities, in the area of their competence.
  2. Ensure the accessibility, availability, and compliance to the transit and transport services related to the processing and approval of license of driving, enrolment automotive, transfers, payment of taxes, technical review mechanical and other procedures related to transit.
  3. Constantly evaluate the reality of automotive land traffic Department service, design programmes and projects that ensure the proper organization, planning and provision of services in a safe and timely manner for the entire community.
  4. Design and execute marketing programs of the services offered and provided by the Department, in order to increase the number of users.
  5. Design and run jointly with the police authorities, the Secretaries of education and the departmental Institute of health, road safety education programs.
  6. Coordinate with the Secretariat of the Government and the national police concerning the presence of the police's roads in normal traffic in the Department control.
  7. Coordinate the provision of surveillance and control of transit service, with the national police when events and contingencies arise in the field of transport and transit land, and automotive.
  8. Prepared jointly with the Ministry of planning and Territorial Development and other relevant agencies, plans, programs and projects in the field of traffic and transport falling within its competence and advance its implementation.
  9. Adopt new technologies to improve the effectiveness of the processes developed by the area's transit Department in accordance with the evolution of information technology.
  10. Studies on routes and transportation services to improve service, regulate it or regulatory that provide the coverage expected by the community and submit proposals to the competent authority.
  11. Assess and deal with the registration of the investment projects of reliance on the Bank of the Ministry of planning and Territorial development projects falling within their competence.
  12. Assistance on transit to the municipalities of the North Santander Department according to its competence.
  13. The other arising from the nature of the area.
  • Driving license.
  • License of transit.
  • Transfers.
  • Transfers.
  • Filing of accounts.
  • Transformations.
  • Change of services.
  • Cancellation of registration.
  • Duplicate and change of plate.
  • Registration initial.

Data of contact

  • AV. 2, 6th Street, ancient basic unit, the Zulia.
  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • (57 + 7) 5789655
  • (57 + 7) 789990
  • Fax: (57 + 7) 5722593

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