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Ministry of Social Development 

The Secretary's profile


Ruby Alejandra Chacón Camargo 



  • Free University of Colombia, sectional Cúcuta.

    Free University of Colombia.
    Specialization in public law

    Foundation University of Salamanca.
    Specialization course in contracts and damage





  • External Attorney Ministry of mines
  • External lawyer Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institute
  • University professional in the departmental education Secretariat
  • Adviser in the Secretariat of Social development
  • High Counsellor for competitiveness, productivity and trade.

Information from the Secretariat

  1. Coordinate the operation of the Council social policy departmental, seeking the participation and articulation of social programs and community in general.
  2. Generate and structure programs of prevention and care for the population at risk, especially on malnutrition of children and the elderly, child abuse already women, drug addiction in children and youth, prostitution of women and young people, disability, unemployment of young people, and displaced persons.
  3. To ensure that the actions of health, education, recreation and sports, priority is given to poor and vulnerable populations.
  4. To promote and coordinate the implementation of public policy to strengthen and protect the children.
  5. Promote and participate in the implementation of the plan of protection of family, children and youth.
  6. Implement the public policy Department, for care to the elderly.
  7. Design and implement plans and programmes agreed upon with the Government and social sectors for the protection and care of older adults, promoting their integration into the community and active life.
  8. Lead or coordinate concerted activities to ensures bonding of youth to the production process and to social development.
  9. Design, direct, coordinate, and implement programme for youth, in search of the active participation of young people in social, economic, cultural and business development from the local level.
  10. Promoting rights, namely: the right to life and survival, right to protection, right to participation and right to development of all vulnerable people in the Department.
  11. Ensure special attention to ethnic minority groups, including indigenous peoples, the Rom (Gypsy) people and Afro-Colombians.
  12. Design, direct, coordinate and run jointly with the representatives of the indigenous authorities settled in the Norte de Santander Department, programs aimed at improving the standard of living with an emphasis on health, education, infrastructure, preservation of their culture and productive projects.
  13. Promote and manage the recognition and protection of ethnic and cultural diversity of the Department and improve their living conditions.
  14. Manage with the municipalities of the Department, the linking of the indigenous population in social programmes.
  15. Implement, promote and realize the public policy in the field of disability, through which to promote that in urban public transport systems, implementation of urban and architectural standards in hospitals and public administration buildings and the implementation of housing projects take into account standards of accessibility for people with disabilities.
  16. Promote and manage with the Social Enterprise of the Center state of neuromuscular Cardio rehabilitation, and Hospital Metal Rudesindo Soto, comprehensive care to the mental and physical disabled.
  17. To promote and coordinate the strengthening of the Organization and community participation, to stimulate and develop peaceful coexistence.
  18. In coordination with the Ministry of economic development, to promote programmes of solidarity economy.
  19. Design, direct, coordinate and run the program for the strengthening of democracy through citizen participation and the strengthening of Community action boards in the Norte de Santander Department.
  20. The others which, by their nature, correspond to the area of their competence to the extent of their results.
It is up to the Secretary of Social development tend to raise the standard of living of communities; directing, executing and coordinating social policy in the Department, specifically for the development of the most vulnerable social sectors, such as children, youth, family, women heads of household, disabled persons, older adults and ethnic groups; through strategies of institutional coordination, creation of networks of managers and the strengthening of community participation.

The functions of the Social Management Area are:

Design, direct, coordinate and implement plans and programmes for the benefit of children and the family, using institutional coordination mechanisms or networks of managers.

Design, direct, coordinate and implement plans and programmes for the benefit of women, and especially heads of household, using mechanisms such as managers or non-governmental organizations, where there is a representation of this special group.

Exercise the coordination of the departmental Committee of prevention and Drug Control, when the Secretary delegated it to do so.

Design, direct, coordinate, and execute plans and programs with other agencies and institutions for the elderly in the Norte de Santander Department.

Design, direct, coordinate, and implement plans and programmes to improve the standard of living of the indigenous communities of the North Santander Department, with an emphasis on health, education, and preservation of their culture.

Design, direct, coordinate, and implement plans and programmes for strengthening participation of youth in the Department in local development through the following components: Organization and political, business, culture and recreation, mental health, research and training among others.

Coordinate with municipalities and rehabilitation centre, the design and implementation of disability policy in the Department.

Design, lead and implement programmes and projects aimed at the prevention and treatment of mental and physical disabilities of the significant population.

Submit the reports required within the terms provided, always with criteria of speed, objectivity and timeliness.

Prepare plans, programmes and projects that should be included in development plans and formulate their annual action plans.

The periodic assessment of plans, programmes and projects and project their respective reports to be carried out in the field of social management the Secretariat.

Others aimed to fulfill the social management of the unit.


Address: Av. 5 among streets 13 and 14, corner. First floor.


Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 m. and 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Functions in the Area of community involvement are:

Design, direct, coordinateand implement plans and programmes of participation as a strategy of strengthening participatory democracy.
Design, lead and implement plans and programmes for counseling, review, control,and strengthening of boards and associations of the Department of communal action.
To support the coordination and performance techniques Secretaries of the committees that exist or comply in relation to the functions of citizen participation.
Submit the reports required within the terms provided, always with criteria of speed,objectivity and timeliness.
Prepare plans, programmes and projects that should be included in development plans and formulate their annual action plans.
The periodic assessment of plans, programmes and projects and project their respective reports to be carried out in terms of participation the Secretariat.
Others aimed to meet the goal of community participation of the unit.
Address: Av. 5 among streets 13 and 14, corner. First floor.

Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 m. and 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m
  • Childhood and family.
  • Program for youth.
  • Programme for ethnic groups.
  • Program for well-being of the more adult.
  • Community institutional strengthening.
  • Partial or total invalidity:
  • Services provided: walkers, crutches, canes, walkers and nebulizers.

  • Vision:
  • Seven thousand comprehensive examinations of eyes with their respective lenses if necessary and which require operations for terigios and falls; they will be referred to the hospital - governance agreement operations "Program better Vision". It applies to different communes of Cúcuta and thirty-nine municipalities in the Department.

  • Dental Health:
  • Three thousand nine hundred and seventy eight dental exams two hundred adults seniors, in thirty-nine municipalities of the Department, with their respective prosthesis if necessary. Program "Best smile".

  • Living centers:
  • Fifteen (15) life centers supported by different municipalities.
  • Two (2) centres of life in Cúcuta.
  • Coordinator: Enrique Navarro Triana.
  • Cell phone: 3108624819.
  • Coordinator: Luis Alfredo Mora.
  • Cell phone: 3144328975.
  • Assistant: Carlos Mendoza rods.
  • Cell phone: 3165196588.
  • Coordinators: Jimmy Sánchez Agua blanca. Community "u" WA".
  • Cell phone: 3202363472.
  • Jairo Sababana Sacheira. "Motilón Barí" community.
  • Cell phone: 3156425013.
  • Associations: Indigenous authorities or "wa, Association Motilón Bari ACSOBARI.
  • ACSOBARI: Municipality of el Carmen, Convention, Teorama.
  • Association and communities Motilón Bari: Tibu municipality.
  • Indigenous Cabildo de Karicachaboquira, indigenous Cabildo de Shucbabacbarina, indigenous Cabildo de Bridicayra.
  • Coordinator: Manuel Guillermo Jaramillo.
  • Cell phone: 3138209891.
  • Within the joint that makes the Social Development secretariat through the youth program in partnership with the German cooperation agency (GTZ); It is achieving the unification of criteria and recognition of the offer institutional of each of the entities of the national, departmental and Municipal order, such as:
  • MUNICIPAL LEVEL: EDUCATION, HEALTH, IMRD (Municipal sports and recreation Institute).

Data of contact

  • Av. 5 entre calles 13 y 14, Esquina. Primer Piso.
  • Lunes a Viernes
    7:30 a.m. - 12:00 m.
    2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • (57+7)5710290
    (57+7) 5710590. Ext. 1156 - 1157.
    Fax: (57+7) 5715985.