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Secretariat of Mines and Energy

The Secretary's profile


Fabio Enrique Araque Sánchez 




  • University free Colombia, sectional Cúcuta.

    Free University of Colombia, sectional Cúcuta.
    Specialization in public law.


Secretario de minas y energía






  • Cúcuta Councillor from 1990 to 1997
  • 1998-2000 Deputy
  • Secretary of mines and energy of the 2013 Department

Information of the Secretariat

Promote the development of the energy mining sector of the Norte de Santander Department, through the application of sustainable technologies in the stages of exploration, exploitation, benefit processing; articulating the public and private sectors, in accordance with national policies; encouraging investment in the sector that contributes to the social and economic growth of the North Santander.
  1. Develop and update the Development Plan of resources Energy Department Miner, setting out the goals that is considered appropriate and timely to point out each of the respective sub-sectors, in accordance with the National Development Plan and the Development Plan of North of Santander.
  2. Structuring projects oriented to promote the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and industrial benefit and transformation processes of such resources, with destination to meet needs of the region and the country, and also aimed at external markets.
  3. Provide support and facilitate the work undertaken natural or legal persons, for carrying out work exploratory and production of oil and gas in the Department.
  4. Coordinate efforts, to execute functions finished draw, with the Ministry of Mines and energy and the entities affiliated or related to it, as well as other government agencies of national and local authorities.
  5. Carry out similar coordination with institutions responsible for foster efficient environmental management, both nationally and regionally, in such a way that development mining and hydrocarbon industry meets in harmony with the protection and defence of the natural environment, as contemplates it the law 685 of 2001 (mining code) and the sector regulatory arrangements oil and gas.
  6. Contribute to the efforts for the promotion of the activities of oil and gas and mining Department intending to perform both institutions of public character, national or local order, as institutions or business organizations or academic.
  7. Stimulating the awareness of the potential of underground mining and oil and gas Department, undertaking the recommended actions, so in conjunction with other public agencies and of a particular nature, a favourable climate of investment and targeted support is available to facilitate these tasks.
  8. Manage the mineral resource in the field of their jurisdiction, based on the delegation which makes it to the Interior Department, the Ministry of mines and energy, in accordance with the provisions of the law 685 of 2001 (mining code) and rules through which the aforementioned delegation were conferred.
  9. Promoting the conclusion of agreement or contracts between the Department of Norte de Santander, and its affiliated or related entities and persons, natural or legal, private or public, national or foreign, that ensure the supply and provision of goods and services, with a view to achieving the purposes of development of the energy mining sector in the Department.
  10. Shaping plans, programmes and projects of assistance and comprehensive support to those who intend to perform or then execute activities in the mining and energy sector of the Department, managing technology transfer and economic resources of national origin and international character.
  11. Coordinate with the Ministry of finance and the Secretariat-General of the Department, the timely attention of the budget execution and completed payment of the obligations as well as the regular supply of goods and services required for the full provision of services assigned to the Secretariat.
  12. Provide advice and recommend the issuance of ordinances or decrees and supplementary provisions, which should propose to the departmental Assembly or issued by the Governor in the exercise of their functions, and take in charge the efficient implementation of the decisions taken as a result of the enactment of such provisions.
  13. Implement methods and administrative procedures, with their corresponding training and control mechanisms, to harmonize activities with other departmental units and Government agencies on the national agenda, in such a way that the principles of economy, transparency, speed, efficiency, impartiality, advertising and contradiction in services to be addressed and the relevant administrative procedures are characterized.

Data of contact

  • AV. 5 # 11-2, 8th floor.
  • Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m.-12:00 m. and 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • (57 + 7) 5722673.
  • Fax: (57 + 7) 5722593

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