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Private Secretary

The Secretary's profile


Victor Oliverio Peña Maldonado




  • National University of Colombia.
  • National University of Colombia.

    Specialization in design of Interior

Secretario Atencion Integral a victimas






  • Secretary of departmental planning.

    Manager Central de Transportes...

    Director of the Sisben.

    Director (e) planning Municipal.

    High Counsellor for plans, programmes and projects special.

    Secretary of infrastructure.

Information from the Secretariat

The Secretariat private is in charge of contribute in the attention of them Affairs of responsibility direct of the Governor, through the coordination of activities of support necessary; at the same time; coordinates the execution of projects, actions administrative and plans to charge for the Office.
  1. Contribute to the issues of direct responsibility for the Governor, through the coordination of necessary support activities.
  2. Keep up to date information and documentation matters requiring the direct attention of the Governor.
  3. Ensure information of the firm reserve the Governor.
  4. Coordinate the execution of activities administrative and plans of responsibility direct from the Governor.
  5. Coordinate the work of the personal attached to the Office of the Governor.
  6. Manage the office correspondence, conforming to legal standards, and ensure full compliance with the terms of rights response of request sent to the Governor of the Department.
  7. Run the functions of support managerial and administrative required for the office timely and efficient of those Affairs of competition of the Governor.
  8. Responsible for managing travel expenses and its consequent legalization, airline reservations, reservations of accommodation required by the Governor in his travel outside the Department.
  9. Register, file, and distribute information that arrives at the office of the Governor.
  10. Making management appointments and interviews of the Governor with the entities of the order national, departmental and municipal, public or private.

Data of contact

  • AV. 5 among streets 13 and 14, corner. Second floor.
  • Monday to Friday
  • 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 m.
  • 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • Switch:(57+7) 5710290-(57 + 7) 5710590.
  • Fax: (57 + 7) 5719144