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Delegation of Fiscal Affairs and Development

Office Manager Profile

Jefe Delegación de Asuntos Fiscales y Desarrollo

Erika Rocío Quintero Yáñez









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Office Information

To represent the interests of our Governorate and of the Nortesantandereanos, highlighting values and principles characteristic of our region. Likewise, actively monitor all projects in the municipalities, becoming a tool for cooperation and guidance, to develop plans and policies aimed at increasing the index of economic and social development of the Department.

Our management is aimed at satisfying the social and political interests of the Northern Santandereana community, promoting towards its future, projects for the conformation and consolidation of a Department that is the epicenter of a viable and sustained development, increasing the indices of equality and equity , In favor of a dignified life for the inhabitants of the North Department of Santander.

To advise and assist the Governor and the Departmental Cabinet before the National Government, in compliance with the objectives of its Administration, in accordance with the Government Program, Development Plan and policies outlined, to contribute to the development and national and international positioning of Our Department.

1. Coordination and orientation of the special delegation of fiscal affairs of cooperation and development in the city of Bogota.

2. Follow-up to the projects, agreements and management, which advance the different dependencies of the Departmental Administration, especially those of the Office of the Governor and the Municipal Governments.

3. Orientation to the units that must submit requests for co-financing for municipal development projects, requests to the central government in different fields, management of their administrators in front of particular entities and follow up to these steps, until the request is resolved or Definitely denied.

4. Establish, in agreement with the Governor, the inter-institutional contacts that may be made, oriented towards the fulfillment of the Department's mission.

5. Participate in representation of the governor in meetings, councils, boards or committees of official character, by delegation of the governor.

1. To keep the governor informed of the activities being carried out by the different entities at the national level, such as the Congress of the Republic, Senate and House of Representatives, High Courts of Judicial Branch of Public Power, Presidency of the Republic, Ministries, Administrative Departments, various entities such as Findeter, National Royalties Fund, Solidarity Network, among other public establishments and industrial and commercial companies, in order for the Department to adjust its plans, projects and programs to the guidelines of the central government, And can address the benefits of such entities that offer at the territorial level. Likewise, before the diplomatic delegations and other public or private entities in which the Governor of the Department requests its management.

2. Provide the information requested from the Northern Department of Santander by any legal or natural person, and that requires the colony resident in the capital of the Republic.

3. To advise the Mayors and Deputies, about the procedures that they must advance, before entities of the National Government.

4. Legal representation of the Government of Norte de Santander, in the city of Bogotá.

5. Organization of social events, commemorating important dates, for the North Santander colony, resident in Bogota, in the Casa del Gran Santander.

6. Reception and accompaniment to the Departmental Cabinet and municipal mayors, before the different offices of the State.

7. Assistance and Representation of the Government of Norte de Santander in different official and social events in Bogotá.


  • Address: Calle 29 #13-45 DC Park Bavaria.
  • Apple 2 Office 107, Santa Fe de Bogotá.
  • Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 m and 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • 091-2107040
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