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Protocol Office

Office Manager Profile


Jairo Orlando Cepeda Cáceres




  • University of Pamplona.

    Social communication.

    University of Pamplona

    Specialization in management of projects.

    He has done courses, workshops and diploma courses in diplomatic protocol, Protocol Government, corporate Protocol, label and image.

Secretario Atencion Integral a victimas






  • Chief of Protocol of the governorate of North of Santander.

    Press and communications advisor.

    Advisor of communications and image corporate of the Institute of culture of Pamplona.

    Advisory of communications and image corporate of the library public Julio Pérez Ferrero.

    Communications and corporate image of the Secretariat's departmental culture Advisor.

    Teaching in the graduates of communication and Marketing from the University of Pamplona.

Office Information

They are functions of the Protocol Area:

Preparation of documents that allow to know weekly the activities and events to which the Governor and / or his Cabinet attends or is invited and to classify those that produce timely information.

Coordinate and organize the holding of protocol events for different institutional acts.

Coordinate and direct the activities required to comply with the agenda and the handling of the Protocol of the Governor's Office.

Coordinate the preparation of the material, protocol, speeches and all those indispensable elements (logistics) for the good image, in the acts and events to which the departmental administration is invited.

Coordinate the events and meetings of the Government with the mayors and directors of public and private entities.

Coordinate the preparation of documents required by the Governor for presentation to the authorities, within the administration, the public and the different media.

Ensure observance of protocol rules in the activities developed by the Governor.

Coordinate and execute necessary actions of protocol and public relations.

Advise secretaries, directors of administrative departments, managers of institutes and others, in observing protocol rules.

Project award resolutions, acknowledgment mentions, motions of mourning, propositions, invitation cards and style notes.

Coordinate the response of the protocol correspondence of the Office of the Governor.

Collaborate with the coordination of the provision of food and / or etiquette services during special meetings and institutional events.

Provide information on topics related to protocol activity, according to established procedures.

Review the agenda of invitations and commitments of the Governor.

Advice to the image of the Governor and his Cabinet.

Accompaniment to the Governor in events.

Coordinate the management of Public Relations of the Governor with guilds, civil, military, ecclesiastical authorities and representatives of the community at municipal, regional, national and international level.

Accompany and advance in advance the displacement of the Governor, in order to review the protocol, place, position, media assistance, order of intervention and intervene if necessary to take advantage of the event to benefit the corporate image.

Strengthen in locutions and presentations in public and / or intervene as master of ceremonies, when applicable.

Organize and contact the different government protocol offices, municipal, departmental, national and international.


  • Address: Av. 5 among streets 13 and 14, corner. Second floor.
  • Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 m. and 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • Phone:(57+7) 5830340-Ext: 1202.