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Higher Institute of Rural Education

Profile of the Director


Ludy Esperanza Carrillo Candelo




  • La Salle University it.

    Social worker...

    Escuela Superior de Administración Pública - ESAP.

    Specialist in Social Management

    Universidad Minuto de Dios.

    Project management specialist.

Secretario Atencion Integral a victimas






  • Guiding in property for the period 2015-2018, elected by the Board of Directors - Institute of education Rural ISER.

    Chancellor in interim - Institute of Rural education ISER - until November 2014.

    High Councillor for higher education - Interior Norte de Santander - until July 2014.

    Office Secretary - Secretary of equity of the female Mayor of Cúcuta - until October 2010.

    Dean and Professor of the school of Social work - Universidad Simón Bolívar - until July 2010.

    Professional contractor: Research on risk factors associated with mental health in the school population in the District 9 and 10 of Cúcuta - Municipal Health Secretary - until December 2006

    Professional contractor to boost the project prevention of the use of psychoactive substances in official schools in the city of Cúcuta - Secretary of Municipal Health - May 2004

    Professional contractor of mayors as:

    Pamplonita: Implementation of projects with older adults and training in General Social security system aimed at Community action boards health - until December 2002.

    Cucutilla: Design and implementation of the family violence prevention project, substances psychoactive, sexual and reproductive health in adolescents and parents of the town - until December 2000

    Division of technical services - Institute of family well-being - University professional since 1985 until December 1997.

    Del Carmen: Design and implementation of the prevention of domestic violence project - until December 1999

    Gramalote: Implementation of the project prevention of domestic violence and issues related in rural and urban communities of the municipality - until November 1999.

    Chitagá: Design and implementation of the family violence prevention project, substances psychoactive, sexual and reproductive health in adolescents and parents of the town - up to October 1999


Authority information

The higher Institute of Rural education - ISER - aims to train professionals comprehensive, competent and committed to rural and urban development through intervention in the social, economic, technological, and cultural areas of the country; through the study, improvement and the teaching of the sciences, the humanities, the arts, technique and technologies.

"The higher Institute of Rural education - ISER, dedicated to the training of professional competent integrated rural and urban development, is committed to the generation of high quality products, through the development of their processes of teaching, social outreach and research that lead to the satisfaction of the users of the service in the constant search for improvement of the integrated management system to strengthen mechanisms of enforcement, prevention, control, evaluation and continuous improvement that reflect the activities of the public body".

For 2019, the Instituto Superior de Pamplona - ISER, as an institution of higher education, Rural education will be recognized as a leader in the academic context by the quality of their processes, the relevance of its programmes and the impact of its graduates in the local, regional, national and international media.

1 provide education of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in technical and technological levels enabling to train professionals with the knowledge, values and skills so that they can develop their activities and work with high efficiency, responsibility and competitiveness.

2. provide programs geared towards the development physical, psychological, spiritual and social of them students, teaching and personal administrative.

3. develop research and extension programs in the areas of its expertise to contribute to the development of the country.

4 provide advice, technical assistance, professional development services and training, to increase the productivity of resources and, thus, improve the economic, technological, business, and social situation of Colombia

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