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Departmental Institute of Health

Profile of the Manager


Juan Bitar Mejia




  • Metropolitan University of Barranquilla


    Universidad Simon Bolivar in Cucuta.


    Free University of Barranquilla in agreement with the UFPS.

    Specialization in health services management.

Secretario Atencion Integral a victimas






  • Manager hospital Jorge Cristo Saltarini de Villa del Rosario.

    Rudesindo Soto Mental Hospital Manager

    Deputy University Hospital Erasmo Meoz.

    Manager Institute Department of health. 

Authority information

Contribute to creating conditions of access of the population to health services, as a manager of the State public service and to improve and maintain the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Department, through the direction, coordination, advice, surveillance and control of the actors of the Social security system, so that provision of services with criteria of fairness integrity, participation, efficiency, opportunity and quality.

Be the entity of health departmental Directorate participate in social, leading development of the assurance of the entire population to the General system of Social Security in health, with special emphasis on the poorest and most vulnerable population.


Direct, coordinate, and monitor the health sector and the General system of Social Security in the territory of North Santander Department.


Director of health at the departmental level.

For the provision of health services.

Of public health.


To accomplish its purpose, the Institute assumes as basic principles:

The quality.


The equity.

Social commitment.

Data of contact

  • Avenida 0 Street 10 building Rosetal floor 3.
  • Switch:
  • (57 + 7) 5711319
  • (57 + 7) 5715905
  • (57 + 7) 5713923
  • (57 + 7) 5714475
  • (57 + 7) 5719046
  • (57 + 7) 5714643
  • Fax: (57 + 7) 5712149
  • Public invitations

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