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Center Cardioneuromuscular

Profile of the Manager

Luis Fernando Paez Carrascal 






Secretario de tránsito









Authority information

It THAT Center of rehabilitation Cardioneuromuscular of the North of Santander is a company Social of the State, of benefit and development social that offers the services of quality for the prevention of diseases and sequels disabling of the apparatus locomotive, hearing, voz-lenguaje, injury sports; with the application of scientific knowledge and using the appropriate technology for the best results with a high human feeling and fully covering the physical aspects, psychological, social and occupational of each patient with the participation activated the MDT and the intervention of the family and the community.

For the year 2008, we will be the leading institution in the Department in the provision of rehabilitation services in a culture of continuous improvement.

The THAT Cardioneuromuscular rehabilitation of the Norte de Santander Center, offers the services of physical therapy, occupational therapy and language therapy, guaranteeing users a timely, safe, and humane care.

We have a competent human resource and infrastructure and appropriate technology, contributing to improve the quality of life of our users, framed in a culture of continuous improvement.

1 increase the compretencia of our human resources.

2. promote a culture of continuous improvement.

3. to guarantee the user a humanized care.

4 ensure the user a prompt attention.

5 contribute to the improvement of quality of life of our users.

6 ensure the user a safe care.

7 have the infrastructure and appropriate technology.

8 support for the continuous improvement of our processes and services.

Data of contact

  • Calle Barrio Los Acacios 6 BN No. 13e-109.
  • (57 + 7) 5745454. Fax: (57 + 7) 5745341 Ext: 103

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